Victoria International LTD (VIL) is a District of Columbia corporation, started in 1980, and engaged initially in providing Information Technology Solutions to a broad range of International and Domestic clients. VIL has successfully managed projects from delivery of turnkey systems and solutions to acquisition management support for large-scale IT procurements. VIL has earned its favorable reputation with our clients by delivering systems and services on time and within budget.

In 1993, VIL established an Energy Resource Management division. The ERM is engaged in providing professional consulting and management services in fuel planning and energy management to both the public and private sector.  

In 1995, VIL founded an affiliate company Coyanosa Gas Services Corporation (CGSC). CGSC is engaged principally in the marketing and distribution of natural gas and petroleum products to industrial, commercial, institutional and government clients.   CGSC is committed to provide energy products and services to those organizations and government institutions that wish to expand the diversity of their supplier's base and to meet, where required, their W/MBE subcontractor targets.

In 1996, VIL was a graduate of the Small Business Administration's, 8(a) program and has continued as a successful SDB certified firm.

June 3, 2005, VIL was granted it's FERC market-based rate tariff to make sales at market-based rates to commercial, industrial and government wholesale power users.